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Berkshire Black™ is our guarantee that the pork you bring home is 100% certified Heritage Berkshire breed, gluten free and raised slowly, lovingly and locally. The quaint family farms that raise our Berkshire pork follow a supervised strict code of responsible and humane husbandry. The pigs roam freely and are fed an all vegan diet of corn and soy, without steroids and growth hormones so that we can ensure your complete satisfaction.

Berkshire Black™ has enabled us to stay ahead in a competitive market, and continue to embrace our core values as a traditional family owned and operated business, while helping local farmers that share this philosophy. We take great pride in our product, the farms that produce it and in our skilled butchers’ artisanal craftsmanship.

What Is Berkshire Pork?

Berkshire pork is a rare heritage breed highly prized on par with Kobe or Wagyu beef. Also known by the Japanese as “Kurobota” meaning “black hog”. This niche pork has certain characteristics preferred and valued by consumers that seek uncompromising quality. Berkshire pork is distinguished for its beautifully dark color, tenderness, marbling and rich flavor which sets it apart from all other breeds. The Japanese have prized this breed for many years and have paid US farmers a premium for raising these hogs for their markets.

Berkshire Black pH Score : 6-7

Relates to low cooking loss, better water holding capacity and high degree of tenderness.


Berkshire Black Coloring Score by Japan's Pork Standard : 5-6

Darker pork is consistently preferred by consumers.


Berkshire Black Fat Content: 7-10

High scores for intramuscular fat percentage, tenderness and juiciness.



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