What’s The Difference Between Berkshire Pork And Regular Pork?

The main differences between regular and Berkshire pork are the taste, meat quality, tenderness, and fat. Regular pork comes from the American Landrace pigs versus the Japanese or English hogs. The flavor of Berkshire meat is much more juicy, flavorful, and tender than that of other pigs.

What makes Berkshire pork chop special?

Berkshire pork is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor. It is thought by many to be the Kobe beef of pork. It is said to have a very specific taste, not generic and bland or mild like regular pork.

Where do Berkshire pork chops come from?

Berkshire pork comes from a heritage breed pig. With a long history that goes back some 300 years in England, this black-and-white pig is highly regarded for juicy, tender, and flavorful pork which is heavily marbled with fat. Known as Kurobuta pork in Japan, Berkshire is to pork what wagyu is to beef.

Is Berkshire pork healthy?

Berkshire pigs actually have more unsaturated fat (versus high levels of saturated fat) than conventionally bred pigs (classified as “meat-type pigs”). When cured, Berkshire meat makes unsurpassed hams, charcuterie, and salamis, and our famous Pasture Prime farm cured bacon.

Are Kurobuta and Berkshire the same?

Kurobuta – which means “black pig” in Japanese – is better known as Berkshire pork in the English-speaking world. The juicy pork comes from the same type of pig; an old English breed, distinctively black, with white feet and snout.  Kurobuta is gourmet pork from Berkshire, a heritage breed hog with a history in Japanese cuisine. Known for fine, abundant marbling, Kurobuta pork is juicy and flavorful.

Does Berkshire Pork Taste Different?

Berkshire pork looks and tastes like no other pork meat. Unlike commodity pork or “The Other White Meat”, Berkshire pork is visibly different. It has a darker, richer color with an abundance of intramuscular marbling- comparable to prime beef. Its flavor is distinctive with an unparalleled tenderness for pork.

What State has the Best Pork?

2020 Iowa Pork Industry Facts:

  • Iowa is the number one pork producing state in the U.S. and the top state for pork exports.*
  • Nearly one-third of the nation's hogs are raised in Iowa.
  • Iowa has more than 5,400 pig farms.
  • There are pig farmers in every Iowa county.
  • Iowa producers marketed almost 48 million hogs in 2018.
  • As of March 2021, Iowa had an inventory of about 23.8 million hogs and pigs, making it the top producer of swine in the country by a large margin.

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